Our history

We all strive for beautiful skin, an even complexion that makes us look healthy. And we've all tried different ways to combat those little imperfections that we think are so important in the mirror.

My name is Mariam, and like 70% of the population, I experienced a period of acne that seemed long and intense.

Acne that I tried to get rid of by all means! Drying creams, drugs, excessive scrubs ...

In this quest for perfection, I never stopped attacking my skin. Without much result, since spots and scars appeared in addition to pimples. I then decided to listen to my body, to understand it and to seek to cleanse it in a natural way: food, vitamins, plants, cosmetics that respect the skin… but also by adopting the right actions.

Today I have no more acne. I reconciled with my skin by learning to take care of it and my inner well-being.

It is from this experience and a will to undertake that YoodiSkin was born. "Yoodi" means "beautiful" in Toucouleur, my father tongue, originally from Guinea. Through this brand, I want to share, advise, develop products that provide real solutions while respecting your skin.

Because beauty is only the reflection of inner well-being, the first product offered by YoodiSkin will improve the appearance of your skin, while soothing your heart thanks to its genuine Rose Quartz stone. I let you discover all the benefits of this stone, which I adore, in the tab that bears its name :)

Take care of yourself,